A callout to those 'chasing perfection'


This is what came to me after journaling today...

How do I effectively balance my ambition, with the satisfaction of also being genuinely happy with the now?

Lately I've noticed that I have this constant sense of not feeling like I'm 'doing' enough. Chasing Perfection.

What are we all working toward anyway?

My gut feel is that we are all working toward that deep feeling of satisfaction, love and happiness. If I use that as my compass, then maybe 'doing more' isn't the answer. Perhaps it's just feeling inspired to just do the best I can in every moment. And simply be happy with that.

I think to effectively balance ambition with appreciating the now is doing what feels like the best thing to do, over what I feel I 'should' do. It's about taking lots of action, in a place of love, curiosity and excitement over shortage, longing and impatience.

Journaling leads me to better self awareness like what I've realised here. Better self awareness helps me see unhealthy thinking patterns that I can identify, then change. It's been such a game changer, and am so appreciative to have found this little everyday tool to help me find my happiness.


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