Choosing an eCommerce platform

This post is really for anyone who is interested in selling a product online. 

My recommendation is that you use Shopify. If you haven't heard of Shopify, I can pretty much guarantee that you have purchased something online with this as the sites platform. 

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that enables businesses to sell their products online. It's the foundation from which the website sits and operates off. I pay a monthly fee of $70 which enables the My Happiness Journal website to be live (and for you to be able to read this post :)

The reason why I highly recommend it:

It's easy; you don't need to know know code or hire a designer or developer (although there are many good, Shopify expert ones out there). There are design templates and easy to follow tutorials designed to have your site up in no time. The help centre is fantastic, packed with tonnes of videos and instructions for pretty much anything I search for.

Excellent support; even though it's based in the US, the support chat is open 24/7. When I first launched my site, I had a few things I just couldn't troubleshoot. They were responsive and my issue has been solved every time.

It's safe; Shopify payments ensures that all payments are setup in a way that protects you and your customer against fraud. 

Flexible; I've made a number of updates to my site since launch, with no major issues

Apps; you have access to millions of apps to help your business. Apps based around customer service, data capture, fulfilment/postage just to name a few. Flicking through you'll find things in there you didn't even know existed that would help out a tonne! 

I think for any newbie entrepreneur / online business, Shopify is a great choice. 

I regularly listen to the Shopify masters podcast where they interview successful entrepreneurs who use Shopify as their platform. 

Feel free to reach out with any viewpoints or questions :) 

Rhoda x 


"You can't fire a canon from a canoe" - Paul Chek

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