Energiser Exercises - Zone 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra

If you have experience or interest in the fitness industry, when I say the name ‘Paul Chek’, you’ll nod your head and say ‘Yeah, he’s legit’. I was blessed enough to complete his ‘Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1’ course over the weekend and I’ve come out feeling so much more educated and inspired around all things health. 

We delved deep into the zone exercises that I am listing out here in this blog series. To reiterate, these exercises are a vital key to your physical and mental health. Performing these exercises creates more flow within our zones (or chakras) running up the spine, which in-turn helps deal with stress and make us feel more energised. One big red flag that came out to me in the course is that I need to work on nurturing my ‘Yin’ energy, the parasympathetic nervous system that is based around rest and recovery. Effectively doing these exercises balances out the yin and yang in our bodies. I think most of us are in this boat, given our busy lifestyles. 

I did these exercises after my workout this morning, and I feel so much more alert and energised, ready for the day ahead! 

This post starts introduces zone 3, the solar plexus chakra. This zone is based around our feeling of personal power and self esteem. When blocked the emotions we feel are oversensitivity to criticism and the need to be in control. Physically it can lead to digestive issues, chronic fatigue, allergies and diabetes. Performing these exercises will help create energy and movement in this area and contribute in unlocking any blockages you may have here. 

ENERGY PUSH - 20 ins and outs

  • Start arms straight out in front of you
  • INHALE bring hands in and rotate body
  • EXHALE and push arms out in front, projecting energy from your heart out into your arms and hands
  • Repeat, rotating to the left, side, back and front
  • Keep your knees soft and really focus on the movement in your solar plexus, think of the colour yellow as you do the movement. 

Energy Push 



  • Stand upright, EXHALE and bring your arms overhead 
  • EXHALE as you bring your arms down, bending at the waist to the middle
  • Come back up, then back down to the left, right centre, middle. 
  • Remember to breath, focus on the solar plexus and the colour yellow. 


HORSE STANCE - 10 each side

  • Start on your hands and knees, wrists below shoulders, knees below hips
  • INHALE, raise your right arm up and out to a 45 degree angle and left your left leg as high as you can without wobble
  • EXHALE and tuck your elbow and knee in under your torso
  • Repeat on the other side. 
  • Focus on energy to the solar plexus and think of the colour yellow

 Horse stance

Check out Zone 1 and Zone 2 exercises on my other blog articles in the movement section. Enjoy. 

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My Happiness Journal includes a daily checklist, where you can tick off when you do these exercises - they fall into the 'self care' category :) 


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