Energiser Exercises - Zone 6 - Crown Chakra

This post focussed on zone 6, the crown chakra, associated with the colour purple. This zone is based around mental congestion, lack of mental clarity or . creativity. When blocked, there's an emotional tendency toward depression, obsessional thinking, confusion, nightmares, learning difficulties and hallucinations. Physically, there could be a sensitivity to pollutants, chronic exhaustion, epilepsy, headaches and poor vision. Additionally, this energy centre is related to the head, central nervous system, pineal gland and pituitary gland. 

As a reminder, performing these exercises daily will create movement and energy in these areas and contribute to reducing any blockages. 

This is from Paul Chek's Eat Move and Be Healthy book. Such a great read. 


  • Plug one nostril with finger
  • Breath in and out then swap nostrils
  • The exercise balances out the left and right sides of the brain and autonomic nervous system


CROSS CRAWL - 10-20 each side

  • INHALE - Raise arms up 
  • EXHALE - Lift left leg, bring right elbow to left knee
  • Alternate sides
cross crawl paul chek my happiness journal



  • INHALE and look toward the ceiling
  • Open mouth and eyes wide and stick your tongue out
  • EXHALE and look down, contracting your face muscles, big sigh. 

face energiser paul chek my happiness journal

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"If you don't go within - you go without" - Paul Chek's HLC1 workbook

Explore a 'go within' tool here


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