Finding you UVP

In this blog post I'm going to talk about establishing your UVP when it comes to the product you're wanting to sell online. UVP is short for Unique Value Proposition - in other words - what makes your product different to the others? 

You can look for a differentiator in one of four ways:

  1. Design - The look and feel of the product
  2. Function - How your product works
  3. Price - The perceived value of the product
  4. Time - When and how long the product is available

When I first started out with My Happiness Journal, my UVP was number 2 - how your product works. I launched a subscription model, where people are sent journals monthly to encourage them to stay on track. During the validation (testing) period, I realised that people want more flexibility when it comes to journaling and they current setup is a bit too restricting for most. 

I'm now pondering what my UVP will be in the next print run. I know it's around customisation, to make it more unique and flexible.  

You know what would be really cool? Send me your ideas around what you'd look for in a journal - what would convince you to buy one? 

Rhoda x


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