Finding your 1 Love

This is part 1 of a 4 part series that's centred around the approach I learned in the CHEK HLC 1 course about long term well-being. The purpose being to establish motive for change and develop healthy core values. This is important because defining this will help you (and me) make better decisions and feel fulfilled. 

Part 1 - Finding your 1 LOVE

It's taken me a little while to really grasp this, to try and really define what my 1 Love is. I started writing things down, which turned into a post about 100 things. This all excited me to no end, but I felt like the heart of these Actions were missing.  What is the guiding force that will motivate me to action these ideas and outcomes in the future? 


So we start here:

What do you love enough to change for? 

Looking at this question, what comes to mind is my values, which are:




Financial Freedom


I'm then reminded of a quote from a book I'm reading that I really resonated with - Stillness is Key, Ryan Holiday:

The struggle is great, the task devine - to gain mastery, freedom, happiness and tranquility - EPICTETUS

So here's what I love enough to change for:

  • Being in a body that is in 100% optimal health. The feeling it brings and seeing how this solid foundation has positive effects on my life outcomes. 
  • Being in a loving family and community with beautiful surroundings. 
  • Mastering a personal brand that contributes massively to society. A legacy and financial freedom that runs for my life, my children and subsequent generations. 

Personally, you know you've nailed it when you say YES when asked this question - - if I achieved this, would I be / feel satisfied and happy, or is there something else lingering? For me, looking at these 3 points, I'll be damn happy! It encompasses all of the actions in the 100 things and more. 

Now it's your turn...

Brainstorm it out and feel free to share with me, or a loved one.

Part 2 is about Forces to Balance - the Yin and Yang

Rhoda x



Your dreams are a snapshot of your future - Albert Einstein

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