Is farmed fish ok?

As little as 100 years ago, our waters were overflowing with organic plant and animal matter. So eating any type of fish was a healthy choice. 

However, sadly today, due to industrialisation, a lot of our waters are toxic, along with the fish that swim in it. If we eat toxic fish, that toxicity ends up in us. It's no surprise that there are increasing cases of people suffering from illnesses related to mercury poisoning and similar. 

In addition, these toxic waters are causing more and more underwater species to die and become extinct. As a result of the dwindling numbers, fish farms have spung up to meet demand. The fish are fed grains, soy and given a wide number of antibiotics and other drugs. Also, the location of the farm is a big factor, as if the waters are near toxic areas like an industrial complex or a commercial farm, the pesticides and chemical residues will seep into the fish. 

Up until recently I thought that eating farmed fish was better because it stops the wild fish from being caught and further sacrificing the dwindling numbers. I didn't stop to think how they were being treated and farmed drastically affects the toxicity levels in the fish. 

Please don't stop eating fish as a result of reading this!! Fish is an important source of protein, iodine, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D just to name a few. The key is to be more mindful of how and where you source it. 

Take charge - what to do:

  • Rotate fish sources to minimise exposure to any one pesticide

  • Limit eating larger fish as they hold the most mercury (eg. shark, swordfish, tuna)

  • Grill or broil fish and allow the juices to come out as this could include pesticide residues

  • If you see fat on fish, remove it, don't eat as it tends to hold the toxicity that could be present in the fish

  • Avoid fresh water fish unless it comes from high mountain lakes and streams, away from commercial enterprises

  • Avoid farm raised fish


Here's where I get my fish:

Fish and Co

Canadian way


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