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I listened to Sebastian Terry on the Kerwin Rae podcast and it motivated me to write a list - 100 things that will make my life happier. 

He did his own list when a friend suddenly died. He asked himself, 'If I died today, would I be able say 'I'm happy'? At the time the answer was no and for him it marked a massive change in his life purpose and circumstances. 

If you asked yourself this question, what would you say? 

Sadly, I believe that too many people get sick and die before they actually live their life to the fullest, or even believe that they can do so. Harsh words, I know. 

I resonated with so many things he said on the podcast, including:

  • Finding purpose, having passion and helping people engage in acts of kindness lights him up inside
  • It's important to prioritise happiness and feeling good above anything else
  • Getting out of your comfort zone (the unknown) is what you need to do some of the time
  • In everything, even the death of a loved one, theres an opportunity to learn
  • Waking up excited about the day ahead is the best feeling ever
  • A lot of people achieve goals but feel underwhelmed. This is a sign the goals that have been set don't align with your values 

If any of the above resonates, then read on! 

In this post, I'm inviting you to firstly take a look at your values, and then create your own 100 things list. 


Step 1 - Your values

This is such a great exercise. Along with helping you make your list in step 2, it also creates a wonderful foundation to make life decisions. 

My values are:





Financial Freedom

My advice is to write down what immediately comes to mind, then sit on it for a week or so. Try to stick to 3-5 only. It took me ages to decided on these, I kept changing them, and wanting more than 5! If you're after some word inspiration, there is a good list here


Step 2: Your top 100 things

This is a list of the top 100 things to make you happier. Try to let go of restrictions and just write whatever comes to mind. Also, do this with a feeling of abundance and excitement - this is not meant to remind of you of what you don't have!! 

Here are mine, in no particular order. I had a lot of fun with this. I like that I could just write down all the crazy big and small things that come in and out of my mind, without needing to find a solution or achieve it straight away. 


My 100 things, random order:

1. Have a 30 minute fluent conversation with someone in French

2. Snowboard down a mountain

3. Fly a kite

4. Own a sports car

5. Have a baby

6. Get married

7. Deadlift 100kg

8. 2 week silent meditation

9. Make a 30% profit in multiple income streams

10. Have $1M in savings

11. Earn $30K pm net. 

12. Skinny dip into the sea somewhere

13. Go on a world tour and every single one of my friends dotted around the world

14. Speak at an event

15. Go on a cruise with mum

16. Throw a dart on a board and go to that country

17. Live on the streets

18. Give my parents $100,000 to spend as they choose

19. Publish a book

20. Speak at a TED event

21. Go on an Abraham Hicks cruise

22. Learn to play an instrument

23. Gift my brother $40K which doubles what he lent me all those years ago. 

24. Have a meal with Oprah

25. Have a meal with Brene Brown

26. Become a CHEK Academy Graduate

27. Give back to a 3rd world community (eg. Fiji)

28. Own outright 3 properties (by sea, a farm, in a big city)

29. Own an organic, self sustaining farm

30. Have money flowing in 24/7

31. Visit Serenbe and meet Steve Nygren 

32. Spend 2 hours speaking with Paul Chek

33. Create a podcast

34. Swim in each of the four major oceans

35. Visit all 7 wonders of the world

36. Tour all 7 continents

37. Journey to the Grand Canyon

38. Own a dog

39. Buy a beautiful painting

40. Spend a day at a retirement home speaking with the elderly

41. Track my ancestory 

42. Get a 6 pack after having children

43. Own a cafe

44. Release an app that helps connect people and businesses

45. Live on a desert island for a week

46. Host a wellness retreat

47. Adopt a child

48. Have an ice bath once a week for 1 year

49. Perform a 30 second handstand

50. Plant and nurture a fruit and vegetable garden

51. Grow roses

52. Go on a wildlife safari

53. Interview 100 of my favourite people in a podcast format

54. Meditate everyday for 1000 days

55. Read 1 book a month

56. Save money every month

57. Learn more and invest a small sum into the stock market

58. Attend the Olympics

59. Create new and lasting friendships

60. Spend more quality time with my parents

61. Make more of an effort to checkin with family and friends

62. Strengthen my lower back and ab muscles

63. 10,000 Instagram followers

64. Post on Instagram everyday for 365 days

65. Be 100% free of all digestive issues (through testing)

66. Purchase a beautiful designer watch

67. Hire a fitness coach

68. Hire a business coach (specialising in personal brands around health)

69. Go to Tony Robbins Date with Destiny

70. Surprise my brother with something non financial he'd really appreciate as my thank you to what he's done for me and my parents over the years

71. Educate myself more around interior design

72. Buy a swanky pair of sunnies

73. Setup a chicken coup with chickens who lay eggs

74. Purchase the perfect pillow

75. Spend $10K on a total wardrobe upgrade

76. Private sail from Sydney to Fiji

77. Give blood once a month for 12 months

78. Take more photos

79. Journal daily

80. Meditate everyday

81. Find the perfect wireless headphones for the gym

82. Get my teeth cleaned every 6 months

83. Be setup in a way where I don't need to wake up to an alarm everyday

84. I don't see my life as 'work' or 'play'. My work is part of my lifestyle everyday

85. Be able to eat mindfully and still stay in shape (no reliance on macros)

86. I never 'retire' as I love what I do 

87. My children are educated in an environment that nourishes them creatively, intellectually and spiritually 

88. Forever appreciating and giving 100% to my family 

89. Live a low tox lifestyle (home, food, environment)

90. Truly embody and live Paul Chek's 4 Doctors

91. Reduce my EMF exposure

92. Take more opportunities to get out in nature

93. Own a beautiful ring

94. Take more opportunities to laugh

95. Complete an ayahuasca ceremony

96. Find and make my favourite junk food healthy at home

97. Interior design a home similar to this 

98. Get to know my family in Victoria better

99. Juggle for 30 seconds

The remaining 2 are to be confirmed :) 

Seriously, this has been such a great exercise for me. I feel excited about all the opportunities and it's so nice to see it all in one place. 

These ideas are always popping in and it's sometimes overwhelming, or I beat them down with something like 'You can't afford that right now' or 'There's so much to do before then'. As I have been writing this list, I've put all those thoughts aside, and said 'It's just a list, write whatever you like'. Ohhhh so freeing. 

Now, your turn. You don't have to do the values exercise first. You may want to do the 100 things straight up. Remember, think ABUNDANCE and let your imagination run wild!! I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to share :) 


You could write your 100 things inside your journal if you had one plug plug hee hee. 


Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get - Maxwell Maltz


Understanding others is knowledge, Understanding oneself is enlightenment; Conquering others is power, Conquering oneself is strength - Paul Chek


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