So taking these first steps toward boosting my chances of getting pregnant involves a lot of health and environmental factors. The good news is that we both already do MOST of what is recommended. 

There are a few things, I'm kind of battling with:

  • Coffee (1 a day is ok, right?)
  • Skincare (it took so long to find the products that work, but are the ingredients no-gos?)
  • Living in the CBD (I love the convenience, perhaps another year?)
  • Plane flights (seeing our families at Christmas is more important, right?)
  • Saunas (a chance where I actually relax). 

Will changing my ways around this really improve my chances? Why am I holding onto these little things anyway... isn't having a baby more important than anything? 

Perhaps this is just the start of the sacrifices that are necessary to bring new life in this world. I'm sure there are plenty to come, but in the grand scheme of things, totally do-able. 

Reach out if ya hear me :) 

Rhoda x


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