Why am I here?

It’s my mission to help people realise their potential and live a happier life, full of joy, satisfaction and ease. It’s there waiting for you if you’re ready (the fact you’re here tells me you are 😊) I’m about to share a bit about myself, in hope that it gives you comfort that you’re not alone; and in turn motivates you join me on the journey toward positive change.

I believe

That joy and feeling good is our reason for being and the source of our daily actions we were born happy and it’s what we all strive for in different ways. Too many of us rely on the external events and circumstances to make us happy. In actual fact, it’s all within us and ready to tap into (when we are ready to let it in).
We are energetic beings. Our thoughts lead to the manifestations in our lives. Being more conscious of our thoughts from a place of positivity and gratitude will lead to better life outcomes.

I’m Rhoda Malia, Founder + Creator of My Happiness Journal

Up until my early thirties, I subconsciously followed someone else’s rules - society, parents, friends- my day to day was on autopilot. I didn’t have a purpose or any personal goals/aspirations. Ask me what I really wanted, and I wouldn’t have a clue what to say!!

By age 35 on the outside

2 x Bachelors Degrees

A senior advertising agency director in client services

In a long term relationship

Qualified Personal Trainer

Bikini model / WBFF competitor

In reality, by age 35 behind closed doors

I felt so sad and helpless

Whenever I was by myself, I cried

Panic attacks before work

I used alcohol to forget about how I felt

Binge eating on junk food

I went on rampages of spending more than I earned online

I wondered if getting married and/or having a baby could fix a broken relationship

In debt $30K

Always on edge, stressed, full of anxiety

Between the ages of 35-40 I completely turned things around

Feel excited about life and what’s ahead

Debt free

Making money on my terms; leveraging my advertising career whilst creating legacy projects around happiness

Rarely drink

Have a healthy relationship with food and exercise

In a happy and fulfilling relationship

Looking and feeling better at 40, compared to when I was at my lowest at 35.

How did I do this

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Self awareness
  • Faced up to some hard truths & took the right course of action to fix
  • Connections with like-minded and inspirational people

And what glued it all together for me was Journaling

Actively taking time out at the beginning and end of each day to write down my thoughts and tap into my inner wisdom and knowledge. I became more conscious of my of intentions and what I’m grateful for.

It turned everything around for me. My energy changed. The manifestations in my life changed for the better. I could go on and on about the turnaround, but the first place to start is creating a daily journaling practise and follow my blog around the other stuff too 😊

Be excited about what’s ahead, and start your self care journey today