In my twenties, I had iced coffee from Starbucks (with low fat milk). I loved the 'icey' part of it, it was sweet and yummy. 

Late twenties, I opted for large flat whites. I justified 'large' size by having it with skim milk as that was a 'better' choice (less 'fattening). 

I then found that low fat was not necessarily all it cracked up to be and opted for full fat. It made sense as it was 'less' processed and way more tasty and satisfying. 

I started to get a swollen tummy when I had my second coffee for the day. So I switched to long blacks. Over the years my intake increased to 3 cups a day. Work was loooong hours, I was partying a lot and needed constant pick me ups throughout the day. The first coffee was always the best. The second and third were so temporary, and sometimes made me feel worse. But I drank it anyway because it was habit (and an addiction).

Today, I still enjoy coffee, but have a few rules that I follow... 

  • Organic coffee only. Conventional coffee is sprayed with pesticides and often contains mould. Organic beans don't. I make my own using a plunger at home - Sacred Grounds or Bulletproof are my choices. 
  • Avoid all milks. Most milks are highly processed, have sugar and other questionable ingredients.
  • Add fats to the coffee. I tend to have 1 x tsp butter + rotate an oil (brain octane, coconut, macadamia, walnut). This slows down the release of sugars into the blood stream.
  • Aim for 1 a day only, in the morning, not on an empty stomach.
  • Try to have days off every now and again, to remind me that it's not an addiction.
  • When I had digestive issues, I avoided. 

I'm expecting a lot of questions on this, especially adding in the fats - ask away in the comments!! 

Rhoda x



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  • Hello! Butter un the Coffee? I never heard of it, even thought I come from the butter region in France! I put honey sometimes and almond milk. Is végétal milk bad not good? Merci coach!

    Celia Russo on

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