Energiser Exercises - Zone 1 - Root Chakra

A recent retreat I attended made me realise how much tension I hold inside and how difficult I find it to 'rest and relax'. This is especially apparent in the way that I exercise. I go to the gym 6 days a week and when I'm there, I'm focussed and always pushing for 'progressive overload'. There's nothing wrong there, I love it. However, what it currently lacking is any type of practise to assist in building energy and vitality.

So this post is the start of a series, talking about 'Energiser Exercises'. Something I've learned from the legendary Paul Chek in his book 'Eat Move and Be Healthy'. I'm starting this practise with you, from this week, let's do this together! 

In his book, he talks about the body as being a co-dependant linked system of systems, all dependant on 'energy' to perform. The circulatory, digestive, hormonal and muscouloskeletal systems both use and produce energy. So many of us our out of balance around how much we are 'using' versus how much we are 'giving back'. 

Our body is spit into 7 zones (also called energy centres or chakras). Each plays an important part in your body and related to certain issues on the body. It's facinating stuff:

Exercising the muscles for each zone (1-6) gives beneficial energy to the hormonal and organ systems and tissues related to the spine. They're great to do if you're feeling tired/sluggish and shown to improve digestion before and after eating. 

Some other interesting facts about these exercises:

1. These exercises help you unwind by bringing more Chi into your body. 

2. The slower you perform these exercises, the better (Chi energy works better at a slower pace). 

3. Try these exercises if you want to cut down on sugar, caffeine or anything else you're addicted to. I"m 

This post starts us off by focussing on Zone 1, otherwise known as our Root Chakra. This zone is based around our feeling of security, strength, trust in life and the source of financial stress. Performing these exercises will help create energy and movement in this area and unlock any blockages you may have here. A chance to 'slow down' and give the body much needed love and energy!

I'm going to do these three exercises, after meditation and before the gym each morning. If I run out of time, I'll do before bed each evening. I'll aim to do it every day for the next 7 days, until the next post which will focus on Zone 2. 

SUPERMAN - 10 reps each side. 

  • Start face down on a swiss ball or floor
  • Lift your left arm and right leg to the same height
  • Your arm is 45 degrees out from your head, thumb up
  • Hold for at least 10 seconds
  • Switch sides



  • Start by sitting on a swiss ball or floor
  • Roll forward so that your upper back, shoulders and head are on the ball
  • INHALE: Raise your hips so that your shoulders, knees and hips are in a straight line. Shins vertical
  • EXHALE: Slowly drop your pelvis straight down as low as you can go, then lift back up. Keep your upper back, shoulders and head on the ball at all times. 
  • Try not to roll forward and back with the move. 
  • 10 seconds hold at top, 10 seconds bring down. 


BREATHING SQUAT - 10 reps, increase by 10 each day

  • Stand so that you can squat as low as possible
  • Arms to sides or crossed in front of you
  • INHALE: lower yourself to the ground as you EXHALE, pause at the bottom, INHALE, then stand
  • Repeat at the pace you naturally breath. 
  • 4 seconds down, pause, 4 seconds up. 


Email me if you have any questions at rhoda@rhodamalia.com

Or share your experience on instagram, and tag me at rhoda_happiness. 



My Happiness Journal includes a daily checklist, where you can tick off when you do these exercises - they fall into the 'self care' category :) 


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