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The way we exercise has changed and will continue to do so in light of covid-19. 

For me, who used to be a total gym bunny, not being able to go to a facility to train has been a massive step change. But what this whole experience has taught me is to go back to the basics and make do with what I can do from home. 

With the help of legend, Aaron McKenzie from Origin of Energy, I'm learning to scale back my workouts and follow a basic structure:

Warm up - use a ball, foam roller, and yoga type stretching.

Handstand practise - thankfully there is a perfect wall at home for this, must ensure I have clean feet haha. 

Workout template:

30 seconds of each, 4 times through:

Upper body pull

Upper body push



30 seconds of each, 3 times through:

Core work, including a Glute accessory exercise (it's my biggest fear to get a really flabby or flat butt now that I'm past 40 hee hee)


The above template can include so many variations, with minimal equipment. If you're keen on me sending you a weekly workout program, based on the above principles, let me know in the comments or email me and I'll be in touch - it will be free, as part of me giving back as a health coach. 

For giggles, I pull so many faces during workouts, check out this one for the mantlepiece:

rhoda's workout face

!!!! Crikey!!! 


Rhoda x



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