How can you contribute?

The universe is changing at lightning speed around us. I believe that entrepreneurship is the future of our personal development as well as how we as individuals contribute best to society. 

If entrepreneurship appeals to you, you should do it. Start a side hussle around your interests and just keep plugging away at it. Seek help and mentors, but most importantly, follow your instincts and it should feel exciting and like the 'right' thing to do.

Come from a place of love and a sense of contribution and you will be onto a winner. 

Personally, the whole covid-19 thing is giving me time to really reflect on things. How can I help society bounce back? What do I want to do with my time for the rest of my life? 

Some things I'm considering, as a way to give back to society and get people into the best health and immunity:

    • NUTRITION: Cooking ancestral inspired dinners with my followers on Instagram lives.
    • MOVEMENT: When the parks open up again, offering free small group movement sessions to old personal training clients and anyone else that's a Sydney local. 
    • SELF CARE: Providing some crazy cool offers on My Happiness Journal to help people on the fence join in on this amazing tool.

Any feedback on my ideas is welcome :) 

Maybe it's a great time for you to pull out a pen and write down how you can help society bounce back during these challenging times. The more we can all take small, positive action toward ourselves and others, the closer we get to rebuilding and creating the lifestyles we desire the most. 

Rhoda x


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