Movement Philosophy

For anyone that knows me just a little bit, you know that I love exercise. I even dabbled in personal training others for 4 years to help share the love. 

I've been on quite a journey over the years. And it feels like now, I've found the training style that will be with me for life. 

Upon reflection, it's interesting to see what I've done for exercise and my motivations...

Age 5-7 - Gymnastics. Aim: Fun. 

7-12 - Jane Fonda aerobics with Mum in the living room. Aim: Time with Mum. 

13-17 - Team sports (Netball, Softball, Touch Rugby). Aim: Team bonding. 

18-30 - Mainstream gym classes (Body Pump, Attack, HIIT). Aim: Making up for boozy and takeaway blow outs on the weekend.

31-36 - Got educated and coached around the important principles of weight training. Became a personal trainer and shared with others. Competed in a bikini competition (main picture is the day after). Aim: Get really strong and really lean. 

37-40 - Tried out different styles of training - HIIT, F45, Bootcamps, Crossfit, bodyweight, bodybuilding. Aim: Variety. 

Now - Joined Origin of Energy. Full body, progressive movement to help me move in the best way through everyday life. Aim: Fun (closing the loop back to when I was a little girl :) 

After trying out SO many styles of training over the years, here's my training and movement philosophy that will be with me for life:

  • Incorporates flexibility, weight training and mobility to help me move with a lightness and ease throughout the day.
  • I enjoy it and participate most days
  • No need to train to the extreme. This is simply part of my holistic lifestyle (sleep, hydration, nutrition, movement, connection, contribution).
  • Work toward gentle progression each session with some rough goals (ATM I'm working toward a 30 freestanding handstand, may move into a full pancake, splits later down the line). 
  • Be something where I can be on a constant learning and progressive journey. 

I feel so blessed to have found this place - it's a wonderful environment full of conscious, inspiring people. I'm creating new neural pathways and learning a lot about my body and the way it's meant to move. I'll stay here for the remainder of my time in Sydney. But when we eventually move out of the city and onto a farm, it's my dream to build a backyard gym and continue on this movement journey there (for anyone reading this, maybe you can come visit and we can train there together ;). 

I'm curious, what's your training style? And if you don't exercise - what's holding you back from finding your groove? 

Rhoda x







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