Who out there has ever left a traditional 9-5 job and kicked off their own business? 

I've done it once before, went back for a few years, and now I'm jumping off the hampster wheel once again to help out Dylan with his business and pursue our passion projects to help get us closer to the lifestyle we dream of. It's exciting and feels 100% like the right time to move into this phase. 

I'm also going through a re-evaluation on how far I want to take My Happiness Journal. I feel like I have so many plates spinning, and not sure which one to put down! One thing I've learned in the Paul Check Holistic Lifestyle Coach course over the weekend was that if you're unsure, then it's not the right time to make decisions. So I'm just going to sit with my thoughts and just follow the what lights up for me as I go. Be present with my 'gut' instincts and intuitions. 

At the moment, but intuition is saying to share content and keep learning. 

This is all part of the entrepreneurial journey - reflecting on what is / isn't working and staying on course with your true motivations and values. 

Short and sweet this week! Reach out if you know the ups and downs of small business :) 


Rhoda x


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