Time to start a family

In the past, life has never seemed right to introduce a baby. 

Here we are now and here I am, taking the leap into unknown territory and opening myself up to bringing a few life into this world. 

I've got a lot of pluses - healthy lifestyle, access to information to help me and my partner become as fertile as possible, financially secure and it just feels like the right time for us. 

It's also hard not to think of the things that may hold us up - age, where we live and whether either of us have any complications we don't know about yet. And the life changing affect too - what am I really getting myself into anyway!!?? 

The question I'm asking myself is - should we see a fertility specialist now, or wait for a little while and see what happens 'naturally'? I'm not saying IVF, more just a holistic therapist that's authorised to do the right testing, etc. 

For those mums out there, and those also trying, reach out and let me know - what would you tell your past self when you were at this point in the baby making process? rhoda@rhodamalia.com or tag me at rhoda_happiness



I'm using the thoughts section in My Happiness Journal to write down my moods, cycle and other important things a fertility specialist may want to know about my history. Grab your first copy of the journal here


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