Your perfect average day

Back in 2013, my business coach at the time, sent me a link to Frank Kern's perfect day:

Here's a summary:

Start with this question:

If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your perfect average day look like?

Here are the rest of the questions:

1) Where would you live?
2) What would your house look like?
3) What would it smell like?
4) What time would you wake up?
5) What would you do in the morning?
6) What does the mundane stuff look like?
7) What are you thinking about in the morning?
8) What would you spend the first half of your day doing?
9) What would you have for lunch?
10) Who would you eat with?
11) What would your friends be like?
12) What would you talk about?
13) What would you do for personal fulfillment?
14) What life purpose would you strive for?
15) What would your business be?
16) What time would you start work?
17) What would you actually DO at work?
18) What is your relationship like?
19) What do you do for family time?
20) What would you do at night?
21) What would your thoughts be as you go to sleep?


Here's the crazy thing...

I did this exercise way back in 2013. At the time, I was single, struggling personal trainer with gut issues, bad skin and struggling financially. I spent a few hours on this, it was a great way to 'escape' my current situation and really daydream. I loved the experience. At the time, it was so far from where I was. Here's where the crazy thing comes in. I recently found those pieces of paper where I wrote my perfect day and was gob smacked to find that everything I wrote on those pages has come true. Wow. It made me realise just how far I've come, and also just how powerful this exercise is. I had seriously forgotten I had written this until now and finding it again, made me burst into tears reading it and realising this is my life now. 

PLEASE do this for yourself. And for me, I'll do the same and see what happens in 7 years again :)) 




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