A new take on Gratitude

So I had a 1 hour coaching session with Dylan’s (my partner) business coach.

I completed a behaviour test and it gave me some pretty interesting results.

I scored lower than my average in ‘Gratitude’, which surprised me as I take time everyday to write and feel gratitude. I'm sharing this because this revelation may spark a few 'that's me as well' moments for you :) 

The issue is that I don’t tend to look inwards and write what I’m grateful for about MYSELF. Looking back at my journals, it’s mostly circumstances or other people/things.

If you took some time right now to think of 3 things you’re grateful for, what would they be? Here are ones I regularly point to: my loving relationship with Dylan, the blue sky, the opportunities coming my way…

What I very rarely write about is something specific to me. eg. looking a ‘young’ 40, my positivity, my hard working nature. Even writing this, makes me slightly cringe but at the same time, whilst feeling foreign, it’s also really nice to secretly relfect on :) So here's what I've learned... 


Use a self-care practise (journaling) for SELF-love (gratitude about ones-self). Beautiful.


Did you have a 'AH-HA' moment, like me, or were you like 'DUH, OF COURSE!'?? 

Let me know what you think. Better still, send me what you love about yourself - rhoda@rhodamalia.com or tag me on Instagram - rhoda_happiness




The evening reflection of My Happiness Journal has a whole section around gratitude. What a heart warming way to end your day, each day <insert ahhhhh sound> :)) 


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