Appreciate small moments

Journaling has been a constant companion for me and definitely the anchor for my self care practise. Next up is meditation.

Today, in the Thoughts section, I reflected on the small things to be grateful for... like really small moments that usually pass me by... it felt so nice to reflect back and see that there are so many precious moments we take for granted.

Here's a titbit of what I wrote:

  • this little dog - look at that jaw and those eyes :) 

  • another dog, wearing pants in the office, like human pants. Don't ask me why, but it made me giggle (wish I took a pic)
  • the pink colour of the sky, like how does it get pink like that? 
  • jumping into bed with clean sheets
  • turning my pillow over, and it feeling cold
  • bus driver waiting for me 
  • mailing journals to people

post office my happiness journal

  • seeing the green come back in the trees, winter is OVER! 
  • walking out of work today without a jacket

I invite you to do the same - email them to me, or share on Instagram and tag me :)) 


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