Dr Quiet

As a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 1), we are taught that our inner guidance system for creating sustainable well being and mind body harmony is to follow the 4 Doctors:

Dr Happiness

Dr Quiet

Dr Movement

Dr Diet

This blog post focusses on Dr Quiet (rest and recovery). While it really should be the 'easiest' out of all the doctors, this one is something that doesn't come easily to me. I used to think that being constantly busy was the key to success. I couldn't have been more wrong- instead it lead to burn out, gut issues, anxiety and minor depression. I also seemed to chase my tail a lot, and be busy but not adding much value to the bigger picture kind of things. 

In essence, Dr Quiet is the following:


Self time


Spiritual Development


The ways I'm incorporating Dr Quiet into my everyday life:

1. Meditation daily. Doing my best to focus on the present moment during these meditations. Getting clear in my mind, giving myself just a little time to take a 'break' from thinking about my to do list. Here are the mediations I use:

Abraham Hicks General (15minutes. I like the focus on the breath, the balance between her voice and silence). 

Let it In Guy Lawrence (7 minutes. Great if you don't have a lot of time. If you join his let it in group, you're opened up to many different meditations).

Headspace (I like that you can choose a topic and each day is slightly different. Lots of variety and options if you choose the paid option).


2. Naps. making a conscious effort to take a short 10-20 minute naps throughout the day as needed. Sleep is a great way to nurture the body, emotions and mind. I see the naps as a natural way to reset and rest. I wake up refreshed and power through the rest of the day with better focus and productivity. 


3. Sleep. I used to live on 6 hours sleep and think this was the 'only' way I could fit everything in. It worked for years, but think this contributed to me burning out and having health issues. Now, I prioritise 8 hours, as this is my ideal (usually 9pm - 5am. If I need to be up earlier, I'll go to bed earlier). In general, you need 6-9 hours. Try it out and find your ideal. 


4. Focus on one thing at a time. This is a biggie for me. I used to pride myself on multi-tasking, you'd always see me doing 2-3 things at the same time. I saw this as being super productive, while in reality, I was always distracted and had this stressy, urgency vibe going on around me all the time. Some examples are to eat a meal without any phone/tv distractions. When speaking with someone, give them your entire attention for that moment they are speaking


5. Allow a 'space' between tasks. My fiance used to joke and say 'You're rush rush rush... gotta Meditate hmmmm... then rush rush rush again' Pretty funny. Now, when I finish meditating, I sit in silence for a little bit and breath in what's around me at that very moment. When I'm working at my desk and I finish a task, I get up stretch and walk around to get myself into a new state. I'm finding that space is where I'm able to tap into my inner voice more and in general I'm more relaxed. 


6. Podcasts and Audios. I've learned and actioned so much after listening to podcasts. I feel it's contributed to my spiritual development too, listening to the following on you tube or podcast:

Abraham Hicks

Let it in with Guy Lawrence

Tim Ferris

Joe Rogan

Seth Goddin

Paul Chek

Aubrey Marcus

JP Sears


7. Journaling

Writing down my intentions and what I'm grateful for each day is a fantastic reminder of what's important and gives me optimal focus. Get yours here


These are my Dr Quiet rituals.

I'd LOVE to know what you implement to bring more Dr Quiet into your life. Comment below. 


Rhoda x








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