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So Dylan and I head down to our property near Canberra regularly. 

We live in the Sydney CBD, and going down there is our chance to get out of the hussle bussle, enjoy nature and fresh air. 

This post is a summary of how we continue to eat well down there, with ease. 


Step 1 - get yourself a cast iron pot (see ours in the background of this pic). They are the bomb for slow cooking meats on an open fire. 

Step 2 - the day before you go, purchase good quality meat (grass fed, start to finish. Suggest steaks, lamb or pork with bone in). 

Step 3 - make space for an open fire and start one up. Use fire lighters if making from scratch seems too hard. Feed the fire for about 30minutes, so that there are the hot coals along the bottom. 

Step 4 - prepare the slow cook. It's so easy. Chop up onions, potatoes, carrots, herbs and add to the pot, evenly. Drop in the lamb or pork on top, add garlic under the skin. Add in water - half way up. 

Step 5 - Place this over the fire. The key is to ensure the fire is red coal hot, not a raring fire so that it cooks slowly. You can hang it like the pic, or find a way to place it over the fire at a small distance. 

Step 6 - Cook for 10-12 hours. Start this late morning and feast on it as the sun goes down. A tip is eat with a fork out of the pot as the meat stays hot that way :) 


The steak is easy - setup a makeshift grill and wack it on the top when it gets hot :) 

Who else enjoys a spot of camping? What do you eat when you do it? 

Rhoda x

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