Energiser Exercises - Zone 5 - Throat Chakra

This post focussed on zone 5, the throat chakra, associated with the colour blue. This zone is based around communicating and creating. When blocked, there's a tendency to have a very rigid mindset, and have difficulty expressing themselves and/or 'hearing' what people are really trying to say to you. Additionally, This energy centre is directly related to the workings of the ears, jaw, throat or mouth, neck, airways. This is the start of our creativity, the place where ideas are voiced and actioned. 

As a reminder, performing these exercises daily will create movement and energy in these areas and contribute to reducing any blockages. 

This is from Paul Chek's Eat Move and Be Healthy book. Such a great read. And this blog post too. 

NECK ROTATIONS - x 20 each direction

  • Start by letting your head drop forward/down
  • Rotate around slowly, inhale and exhale
  • Stop at tight zones and breath into them 

Neck rotations_Paul Chek_my happiness journal



  • Hold arms to side, straight
  • Right arm up, left arm down. Turn head to left (always when hand facing down). 
  • Turn head and arms to other side


SHOULDER CLOCK - 10 circles

  • Either stand or lie to side
  • Rotate arm like the workings of the arms of a clock, forward and back
  • Or if standing, just big rolls of the shoulders forward and back
  • Deep breaths in and out

shoulder clocks paul check my happiness journal

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"If you don't go within - you go without" - Paul Chek's HLC1 workbook

Explore a 'go within' tool here


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